Service Overview

The Blue Saga solution fills the gap between the limited testing that can be done in the restricted “laboratory” environment by the development team or other in-house resources and the full open launch of a mobile application in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our “open source” business model provides the benefits of  diverse and scalable testing resources while protecting the intellectual property embedded in your mobile applications. Blue Saga delivers comprehensive, confidential testing results in a closed environment — results which very closely resemble the real deployment environment of mobile applications.

By taking advantage of Blue Saga beta testing, developers can identify and address the code imperfections that are inevitable in untested software before the App is exposed to large numbers of end users in the open market. Reliable beta testing helps prevent the negative ratings and commentary that can damage even a solid App.

Beta testing delivers powerful benefits to application development organizations and their customers. Blue Saga offers:

  • A more cost efficient way to test mobile applications on multiple mobile OSs and devices and in multiple countries
  • Faster time to market and a global reach
  • Field testing of launch-ready applications with a closed community of independent end users
  • A proven way to avoid negative marketplace feedback

icon_bugtestingBug Testing:
Let Blue Saga help you to develop and implement a comprehensive test plan to squash bugs before your app is released.
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icon_crowdsourceCrowdsourced Testing:
Don’t just take our word for it! Blue Saga can provide feedback from real world customers.

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icon_networkloadNetwork and Load Testing:

Apps always work well in an optimal situation. But Blue Saga can show you exactly how your app will work in sub-optimal (i.e. real-world) conditions

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icon_userexperienceUser Experience Testing:
When you have created an app from scratch, the user experience may seem completely intuitive. But Blue Saga can give you feedback on user experience from a third party perspective. And then help you to optimize it.

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icon_localizationLocalization Testing:
Machine based translations are a good start – but they can’t replace the expertise of a native speaker. Let Blue Saga help you translate your app into multiple languages with the help of real people.

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icon_testprojectTest Project Consultation:
You are a crack app developer – not a project management guru. We get it. That’s where Blue Saga comes in. Let us provide the project management expertise while you concentrate on what you do best – developing great apps.

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icon_cloudservicesBlue Saga Cloud Services:
Are you more of a self-service type? No problem. Blue Saga can still help by providing the beta test technology. Use Blue Saga’s Test Cloud infrastructure to run your test project. You handle the testing, we’ll handle the technology.

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