Service level and pricing

Our service model scales for any size of testing project, from very small to enterprise scale. You can self-create a new project right away in our cloud based system or contact us for tailored service creation.

How it works:

– Setup a project
– Upload or Write your test case(s)
– Choose test case complexity for each test case
– Select how many iterations you want for each test case
– Share your project for testing

How much does it cost?
– Test cases are categorized as Simple, Advanced or Complex.
– Simple test cases consume 6 points from your quota.
– Advanced test cases consume 12 points from your quota.
– Complex test cases consume 30 points from your quota.
– You can buy test case quota in blocks of 100 points.
– Each block of 100 test case points cost $60.

How are test cases classified?

Simple – Sample cases: Install and register, try single functionality, max 3. Checkpoints
Advanced – Sample cases: Follow step by step instructions to perform multiple functionalities like, link your Facebook account to the app, post a photo via app, max 10 check points
Complex – Sample cases: Follow step by step instructions to perform complex functionalities, typically requires expertise from testers up to 20 checkpoints.

Blue Saga Inc. reserves the right to evaluate the complexity of the test cases and reserves the right to classify cases to simple, advance and complex categories after review. We may also split cases to several cases to help our testers to properly execute the cases. We reserve the right to assign and split cases as a sole decision.

What are checkpoints?
Checkpoints are steps in your test cases, where a tester verifies if the result from the app to be tested matches the expected results. Test cases can have one or many checkpoints
Checkpoints are also added to your test case if it needs preparation. In every test case you must list any preconditions required to perform the test cases, these will count as check points and add to test case complexity.
0 = no test preparation needed, no data needed
1 = Simple preparation is needed, which can be created during the test execution or a minimally modified version of data from previous case can be used
3 = Test case requires preparation and test data must be created in advance of the execution

When will I get the test results?
As soon as you have completed your project setup and created test cases, the test project starts and you expect first results within the next two business days. Typical project execution time is from one to two weeks, but it depends on our project’s size and complexity. If you have special needs please contact us at

What if I don’t have test cases available?
Test cases creation is available from Blue Saga at the price of $75 per hour based on your requirement specification or similar document.

Do the points expire?
Points expire after 30 days after no testing activity in your project

Can I get a refund for unused points?
Yes, we will refund any unused points in 10 point increments if requested prior expiration (no refunds after 30 days when there is no testing activity in your project)

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