We love to crush bugs!

With the largest application marketplaces featuring nearly one million apps, virtually any new application will be facing a myriad of similar apps from day one. Because of this, you only have one chance to make not just a good, but a great first impression. Bugs, crashes and poor user interface design will send potential customers fleeing to another app – often for good. And worse, those negative customer reviews will continue to tarnish the reputation of your app and your brand – even if the bugs are fixed in later iterations.

But bug testing takes time and resources – something that we know can be in short supply. And creating a testing environment from scratch is an even more daunting task for an app developer who would rather be spending time creating more great new apps.

The good news is that Blue Saga is here help you to make sure that those deal-breaker issues are fixed before any customers get their hands on your application. We offer a complete testing service that makes it possible to launch bulletproof apps in record time so that you can garner tons of great customer reviews, generate new customers, and get back to the business of app development.

With Blue Saga’s stable of testers who are compensated by reporting any issues that they find with your app, we are able to offer the quickest, most complete and accurate results.

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