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Are you are a perfectionist? Do you download a new app only to start mentally checking off the multitude of bugs, the inconsistent and confusing user interface, and those other niggles that keep you from enjoying your new app like you should? If so, you are one of us. And because you are one of us, Blue Saga wants to pay you some cold hard cash.

By becoming a Blue Saga tester, you will get early access to the latest apps. All we ask is that you test them out and report back on any bugs and user interface issues that you experience. Then we send you money. It’s really that easy.

Once you sign up to be a Blue Saga tester, we will use your profile to find applicable projects that we currently have in progress, as well as new projects as they begin. Work on them anytime, anywhere – help application developers release the best possible apps, and make some money in the process. All you need is an iOS, Android or Windows Phone handset, a little extra time and the desire to help app developers make their apps even better.

Top 5 Reasons To Be A Blue Saga Beta Tester

  • 1) Cash: Seriously, nothing is better than getting paid to do something that you enjoy doing anyway.
  • 2) Early access to new apps: It’s always fun to be ahead of the crowd – and with the VIP access Blue Saga gives you to the newest apps, you don’t just get to be the first to try a new app, you will have a hand in its development!
  • 3) Work anywhere, anytime: We know that between work, school, friends and family, there isn’t a lot of extra time. But you can test apps for Blue Saga anytime that your schedule allows.
  • 4) Networking: Meet other people that share your passion for mobile apps, make personal and professional contacts. And for our rock star testers, we are happy to give professional recommendations.
  • 5) Build your skill set: Testing apps is a great way to get experience in the growing app development field, making becoming a Blue Saga tester a great investment in your future.
We know it sounds too good to be true, but really – being a tester is absolutely free, 100 % voluntary, and you can opt-out at any time. We’ll never disclose, forward, or sell your information anywhere.

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